About Us

Centre for Lean Projects is a research centre with focus on improving business efficiency across the design and construction sectors at Nottingham Trent University. The Centre for Lean Projects (CLP@NTU) is a research-led group concerned with researching and developing improved management and delivery of projects for businesses. The lean approach changes the way work is done throughout an organisation’s project delivery process, with the principal aim of maximising value and minimising waste.

Our Aim:

The CLP@NTU – aims to provide firms with a range of personal, team and organisational learning to help develop new ways of thinking and working. It runs events, workshops and seminars for networking and dissemination of research; continuing professional development and short courses; and industry-based action learning projects.

Its international team of doctoral researchers are working on industry level research around lean project production. The Centre also carry out blue sky and exploratory research including research into commercial arrangements supporting lean project production, integrated project design and production processes, the management of complex or multiple projects, or making the cultural shift to ‘lean’ in project-based organisations.

 As well as representatives from academic Schools across Nottingham Trent University, the CLP is made up of researchers and partners from both industry and academia. New partners and industry sponsors are welcome to work with us.